Monday, March 18, 2013


Here I am setting a time limit in my drawings and not even coming close to finishing. One may ask; what would be the point? This soon to be batman sketch is a perfect example. I was like a raging Bane trying to smash my way through the sketch. (doing more erasing then drawing.) unlike the Spiderman or Rango there was not a good reference pic I could use to make my life that much easier. I was an explorer going into unknown territory, and every mark I made was nothing like the land I envision. What I got out of this sketch is the importance of proses. I will need to come up with some kind of formula that works for me. I've tried other peoples methods I know of but  still I truly don't understand how they go about it.  these 45 minutes of line making is for me to see whats working and not working in hopes that I will become faster.

To sum it all up…

Practice, I'm talkin' about, "Practice!"  Not a drawing, not a drawing, we'er talkin' about Practice!  Not the one thing in life I sit down for, job... or no job.. we'er talkin' about practice.

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