Saturday, September 13, 2014

Marvin Gaye

I wanted to draw something for myself… My Father is a cook again? Sometime's it's really hard for me to just draw something or anything. I'm not a fighter  but a lover…… 1984 must be My Lucky day. Full moon like the loneliest monk. The Alpha male howls!!!!!!!!!! I'm no uncle sam, They beat me as if I'm black and blue. "PAM!" I know,One little bee is all it took and I'll have everyone pink and purple haze dancing like it's 12 day's of christmas, Captain Hook! Call The Doctor~… WHO!? You see me cry don't ask why? I know acting right?…… Drawing for me is really fast and easy, wright? You say it's too hot you say it's too cold try sitting on the north and south pole with no internet and see how long it took. Like taking candy from a baby M.C.L. "No español." I know I just copy right… MaD-ReaL…. MaD-ArTs… Just a name I gave up because it was all made up; just a dream as seen on T.V. "Traveling Eckō's."  always know there is a behind the scenes, Over the river and through the woods.. Crown me I'm KING! or was it "Checkmate!" always know that rain forest will bring you to you're knees or was it the 7 seas? ~"Michael LaVelle"   

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